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Paul Gressier

You may call me a Geek! I have been writing code since college both for PCs and smartphones and soon became the savior of family and friends who had lost their data or got their gear infected. Thus, I naturally oriented my studies and my career on this domain with a strong prevalence for security. As presented in the dedicated sections, I perform development missions as well as security missions. Web pentests, network, assistance, crises interventions, development of a network recon app... in depth presentation is done in the respective sections. Thereby, I will be happy to assist you in your projects as a consultant or developer for short or longer missions.

My Career

Deeper Wire

I created my own enterprise to work in Freelance in order to do what I love: security and development!

Jan. 2021


I worked at Wavestone for two years as a consultant in cyber security. Concretely, I performed pentests (Web, network,...), assisted companies of all size (CAC 40, startup, public organism) and developed application (Web, security recon, ...).

Dec. 2018
Consultant, Paris

Ministère des Armées

I worked at the french defense ministry, where I performed deployment, optimisation and configuration of a telecommunications solution & Active Directory.

Feb. 2017

Argonne National Laboratory

I improved the library MPI (writen in C) to optimise datamovment inside supercomputers.

Developer, Chicago

My Skills

My Projects

MPI-TypeMap-Display logo


C library to display custom types in the MPI environment.

...   ...
Qgisplugin-ClipMultipleLayers logo


Qgis project plugin, automating map cut with a canvas.

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Youtube Auto Like

Youtube plugin allowing to automate various functions of the website.

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Contributor of

AnySoftKeyboard, py-kms and more !