As a graduated informatics engineer and an informatic enthusiastic I created various applications professionally as well as by self-interest.

I created or contributed to projects by myself in response of a functionality I found missing in my daily life. Such as Qgis’ plugin ClipMultipleLayers in order to clip a selection of map’s layers with a canvas as model. Most of my personal projects can be found in my GitHub repo.

Professionally, I created applications to improve automation and efficiency while keeping a simple interface. I always keep in mind informatics should serve users not the opposite way! That also includes fast and responsive interfaces. The copyrights of those projects are own by the client, thus I cannot published them freely. If those projects will be public someday, they will probably be published on the contribution platform I use: Gitlab.


During my professional experience I have been able to develop various solutions from scratch:

Along the years, I also developed various projects in response to daily life problems I came across. Here few examples:

Programming Languages

I learned various programming languages all along my education, professional career and self-developments. Here is a list of the ones I am the most confident in:

Programming Language Level
Python 9/10
C 8/10
JS/Jquery 8/10
Java 8/10
Kotlin 8/10
Angular (JS, 2>10) 7/10
TS 7/10
Rust 6/10
C# 5/10
Go 5/10
docker* 7/10

* : Not a programming language

I look forward to using my skills to carry out your missions. Contact me to discuss your project: