Informatic enthusiast and cybersecurity from many years, I naturally oriented myself to make those domains my job. Thereby, all along my career I performed missions for clients of all size: CAC 40, medium size companies, startups, publics… I am looking forward to carrying out missions as a cybersecurity consultant in order to improve/asses/remedy the security of your IT.

What can I do for you ?

1. Pentest/Ethical Hacking

I can perform a security assessment of your application/website/program/network. I carry out the tests and formalize the results, recommendations and explanations in a report which is given to you.

2. System configuration audit

I can assess the security of the configuration of your Windows and Linux servers; the results, recommendations and explanations are also formalized in a report.

3. Phishing campaign

I can set up realistic phishing campaigns to allow you to quantify the awareness of your users. Statistics as number of opening and click is formalized and send back to you.

4. Security watch

I can perform a long term watch on the presence of your company’s data (email, password, documents …) on the networks and in public leaks. I also perform a periodic evaluation of your exposure (evaluation of ports and services exposed by your servers).

If you are looking for a security consultant in order to improve and add value to the security of your information system. If you are interested in my security service offers, contact me: